Enhance Christmas Decoration With Angel Figurines

Christmas Decoration With Angel Figurines
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A mainstay of holiday decor is Christmas Angel figurines. They are available in statutes and ornaments. The figurines come in a range of sizes, materials, and styles. Wooden angels provide rustic contrast and charm.

Many people are fascinated by celestial beings. They provide divine inspiration, peace, and comfort. Surprise someone you know who is a collector of angel figurines with a natural wood angel figurine. It is a thoughtful way to let someone know you care.

Angel Figurine holding dog puppy

There is a lovely figurine of an angel holding a little dog that might comfort a family who lost their dog. Garden angel figurines provide peace and tranquility as they keep watch over an outdoor space.  Collectible angel figurines represent personal relationships and spirituality. Collecting angel figurines is a favorite hobby of people around the world. It is a hobby that acts as an expression outlet related to a person’s passion and skill.

A hobby relieves stress after a demanding job at home, in school, or the office. Whatever your taste, there are hundreds of designs from which to choose. From cherubic and charming to elegant and ethereal, the right figurines for you are available.

They are traditionally displayed during the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Some lovely figurines are too inspiring to be displayed only during select times of the year. Don’t be surprised to see an angel figurine given as a gift displayed all year long.


Where to Place an Angel Figurine

Many people purchase angel figurines because they conjure memories they enjoy or how the figures look. Physical placement of the figurines has an effect on the good fortune and balance for the household members. Angels represent heaven and all its majesty, power, and beauty.

Among the best places for an angel figurine is directly in view when a person enters the home. The foot of the bed is another key place for an angel figurine. A third beneficial place for an angel figurine is in the kitchen on the refrigerator. Figurine lovers report dramatic energy changes in the home when placed in these areas.

How to Welcome Angels in Your Life


Angels are among the most glorious spirits that exist. They span faiths, periods, and culture. Angels are a spirit group that has nearly universal appeal. Reasons people welcome angels into their homes include

  • Clearing a space to bring higher energy
  • Help heal an argument
  • A more productive workday for those working from home
  • Make a room more inviting
  • Give an area extra ‘oomph’ before entertaining guests

Angels are invited into situations that need more understanding, compassion, and love. Here are some suggestions for infusing a space with more compassion, light, love, and magic.

Learn All There Is to Know

learning about angels

Invite angels into a home. Over time, make an effort to learn all there is to know about angels. You can better sense when they are near. Learn the role of a Guardian Angel. Select a few Archangels that you like. Decide which type of Angels connect and resonate with them.

Angels such as Ariel and Azrael are Angels for grounding and protection; start with them if you are uncertain where to begin. Choose a few to invite into your home indefinitely. They can be your Guardian Angel, your partner’s or children’s Guardian Angels, or a favorite Archangel.

Opt to invite the Angels of guests in your home. It is not necessary to know the guests’ Angels specifically. You can invite angels by writing out a request, speaking out loud, or thinking it in your mind. State the requests as an invitation or prayer. In the request, ask Angels to help with jobs such as protecting your home, bringing in abundance, helping you relax after work, or anything else.

Having an Angel figurine in the home is much like having an altar for the group of spirits. It is a reverent and respectful sign to the Angelic realm. The realm is aware of their valued presence and spends more time with and around you. Some people put out Angel figurines only at certain times of the year. How you invite them in is totally up to you.

Is Your Guardian Angel Trying to Talk to You

white feather

Knowing a Guardian Angel watches over each of us is an enormous comfort. Some people believe their Guardian Angel is a particular spiritual being in charge of looking out for their well-being. Others believe the Guardian Angel is a loved one who has passed and offers guidance.

It isn’t easy to know when a Guardian Angel is close. There are simple methods to learn the name of a Guardian Angel. A feather is a gentle and safe way Angels show you they are near. A white feather in an unlikely location may arrive at a time of need.  Other signs of Angels include warmth, tingling sensation of the skin, flickering lights, a gentle breeze, clouds, coins, and rainbows.

What to Do When You See a Sign of an Angel


Be grateful for the assistance and love when you receive the sign. Ask for clear messages or signs that are easy to understand if you feel unsure. Ask out loud or in silence. Be patient. The answer will be revealed at the right time.

To help develop a relationship with the Creator and Angels, and be in tune with their presence, use these simple means of receiving messages and signs.

  • Meditate and pray
  • Write letters or journal
  • Light candles

Prayer is talking to God. Through meditation, you hear his answers. When you focus on breathing, you take in divine energy. It triggers an action that permits peace to push out worries from the body. Enveloped in peace, you hear answers. Listen with your heart.

Express your desires and feelings to your Angles and Creator. Keep what you write in a safe place or burn them to ‘mail’ them to the universe. When you express your feelings, you communicate desires to your divine spiritual team. Have faith and imagine that the answers you seek will come. Lighted candles are physical reminders that the Divine Light is within you. There is no need to seek the light. You are the light. You are within God, and God is within you.

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