23 Wonderful Wooden Anniversary Gifts (5th Year) for Him & Her

Wooden anniversary sign

10 Min Reading The 5th wedding anniversary is traditionally called the wooden anniversary. Some people have strayed from traditional wood anniversary gifts. You can celebrate the 5th anniversary as you choose but choosing a wood anniversary gift makes the celebration special. By the 5th anniversary, traditions have been established, memories created, and a foundation for your lives built. […]

How to Clean Wooden Spoons

Wooden Spoons for cooking

5 Min Reading Wooden spoons do have some downfalls. They are susceptible to breaking, burning, crusting, and staining. Most of the issues are reversible. Here are some methods showing how to clean wooden spoons. Wooden spoons have been used for years. There is a good reason the kitchen gadgets have survived the test of time. Wood has antibacterial […]

The Easiest and Cheapest DIY Wood Christmas Trees

DIY Xmas Trees

5 Min Reading Many wooden Christmas tree ideas are easy and cheap to make. Wood elements have been trending for some time. Wooden items are an excellent way to bring in natural elements that go with any style in a home, from rustic farmhouse to boho. Building a DIY Christmas tree is a fantastic way to craft homemade […]

10 Best Wooden Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell in 2022

Wooden ornaments

6 Min Reading Nothing is as timeless as DIY wooden Christmas decorations. Wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell are popular items. They combine practicality with holiday cheer when you have a handmade gift. Christmas will be here before you know it. People will be looking for last-minute gifts for family members and friends. Wouldn’t it be grand […]

The Best Oils to Care for Your Wooden Cutting Board

oiling cutting board

5 Min Reading Wood cutting boards have been around for centuries. They are easy to clean, beautiful, and durable. The best woods for cutting boards are cherry, walnut, maple, acacia, and¬†olive wood. Softwoods, such as bamboo, are prone to scarring and damage. What oil is best for wooden cutting boards? A wood cutting board may be the hardest […]

34 Owl Gift Ideas to Give a Hoot About in 2022

Wood Owl Figurines

10 Min Reading Owl gifts include vases, bookends, pillow covers, outdoor decor, wall art, figurines, and keychains. They make lovely gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, or a pleasant surprise for an owl lover. The selection of owl gifts from Etsy, Amazon, and Forest Decor contains excellent ideas for the whole family and comes in various sizes and […]

28 Heavenly Angel Gifts for 2022

'Mom' angel decoration

9 Min Reading Many people look for inspiration for the ambition to change, persistence to finish something important, or being courageous to take a leap of faith. The assistance they need to push them along may be bigger than they are. Often, the help comes through spiritual guidance. If you know someone struggling, there are various best angel […]

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