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Partnering with FOREST DECOR™ for a wholesale account is a strategic move to diversify your company’s product range. Our unique, handcrafted olive wood kitchenware, wood cutting boards, and rustic home decor provide an extensive selection of stock items, laser-engraved variations, and customizable options.


Wholesale Olive Wood Products, Whole Cutting Board & More…

For the past seven years, Forest Decor™ has specialized in providing distinctive, hand-carved wooden products worldwide, catering to both direct-to-consumer and wholesale needs.

Operating as a family-owned and operated business in Salt Lake City, Utah, we have a genuine passion for woodworking, offering a diverse array of wooden creations. Our focus spans traditional wood cutting boards, handmade olive wood kitchenware, rustic table decor, hanging ornaments, and personalized items.

Quality is our top priority; we never compromise on materials or craftsmanship. While our product catalog is deliberately curated to showcase our expertise, we welcome unique projects or special requests.

Sustainability is key to our ethos, reflected in our commitment to sourcing wood solely from responsibly managed forests and trees that no longer produce fruit.

wooden meat boards
Three wooden cutting boards and a pumpkin on a table.

Cutting Boards, Utensils, Coasters and Wood Ornaments in Bulk

Our handcrafted olive wood cutting boards, cheese boards, and charcuterie boards are some of our most popular items. And our cutting board bulk order pricing offers you an excellent option when buying for weddings, restaurants, bakeries, home builders, or use as corporate gifts, realtor closing gifts, and more. Forest Decor’s laser-engraving division offers personalized cookware, personalized cutting boards, kitchenware, home dĂ©cor, and housewarming gifts with attention-getting design choices and custom-engraving options like handwritten recipe cutting boards to attract additional customer interest.

Forest Decor also offers unique seasonal products for wholesale purchasing. All our exclusive, handcrafted rustic wood novelties, candleholders, Christmas ornaments, animal figurines, angel figurines, owl figurines, and nativity scenes are made from premium forest wood. We utilize the entire tree, including the trunk wood, branches, and bark, which means the color of each item may vary slightly for uniqueness. Nothing goes to waste during our crafting process.


We offer wholesale orders without minimum quantity requirements, but the most competitive pricing is available for orders starting from 100 units per product with a minimum order value of $5,000. Large bulk and custom wholesale orders typically require a production lead time of 30-45 days.

For smaller orders, we maintain quantities in stock that can be shipped immediately.

Each of our olive wood products and rustic wood items is unique, handcrafted with care to ensure customer satisfaction and lasting quality.

For further details, please refer to our FAQs.

A stack of wooden cutting boards in a market.
A machine in a room full of piles of wood.
Olive trees in a field with a blue sky.

frequently asked questions

Forest Decor began worldwide sales of its handcrafted wood products in 2018. We are an American-owned company with corporate headquarters and a production ship in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Although olive trees flourish in various regions worldwide, Forest Decor specifically selects wood from Chemlali olive trees, grown in Tunisia and Italy, celebrated for their outstanding quality and exquisite grain. We adhere to traditional, natural cultivation and harvesting methods, meticulously handpicking premium olive wood from non-fruit bearing trees. This dedication ensures enduring quality and showcases the wood’s stunning grain.

Yes. Olive wood is well known for being naturally safe food-grade quality, so we only apply natural mineral oils to our cutting boards and kitchen items. It protects and enhances the wood’s natural beauty, color, and texture and gives it a rich natural sheen.

The true beauty of olive wood comes from its highly varied grain patterns—something we obviously can’t control. Artisans also hand-carve every item, so each work of art will naturally differ in cut, shape, and size.

Yes, we do. Since our olive wood items are handcrafted, our minimum order requirements are relatively low. If you’re interested in a custom design order, kindly send us the specs to review. We will reply with the cost and delivery time if it’s something we can make it.

We do not use any automated machinery in our crafting process. Every item we sell is hand-cut, hand-carved, hand-shaped, and hand-finished.

The same rules apply in caring for our wood products as do for all wood items.

  • Always handwash wood items after use. Do not leave in sink or water for extended periods of time.
  • Do not put items in the dishwasher, microwave oven, regular oven, or freezer. Our wooden cooking utensils are only intended for stovetop use.
  • Periodically treat wooden items by rubbing them with food-grade mineral oil to help preserve their beauty and durability.

We wholesale olive wood cutting boards, cheese boards, wooden bowls, scoops, soap dishes, wood coasters, and all our other home and wooden kitchen accessories. We also offer wholesale and bulk rates on our piggy banks, wooden signs, Christmas decorations, and other rustic wooden décor.

The fastest growing part of our business is engraved and personalized kitchen gifts, kitchenware, personalized home décor, and personalized new home gifts—ideal for housewarming gifts or wedding presents. Customers love ordering personalized serving boards and handwritten recipe cutting boards make great gifts.

Several wooden nativity scenes, rustic candle holder and angel on top of a tree stump.
Three Wooden Owl Figurines for Home Decorations sitting on the ground in a forest.
Two wooden hedgehog figurines sitting on top of moss.

Please complete and submit the electronic Wholesale Account Application

Once your application is received, we’ll email you back an acknowledgment and send you instructions on accessing our wholesale portal catalog and price list. Please read and make sure you understand our Wholesale Terms & Conditions for working with us.

By submitting your application, you agree to accept Forest Decor’s Wholesale Terms.

Should you have any questions while completing your application, please call us at (801) 784-8481 or email [email protected].

Personalized Olive Wood Charcuterie Board – 21″
A woman is preparing a set of wooden spoons.
A woman holding up a Personalized Monogram Cutting Board with the name Robertson.
Personalized live edge cutting board made out of olive wood.
A person is slicing a piece of bread on a wooden cutting board.
Olive Wood BBQ Cutting Board Personalized

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