Salt Pot, Wood Bowl for Spices and Bath Salt


  • Wooden Salt Box with Lid – This charming salt cellar with lid comes with an apple-shaped wood pot with stemmed lid as well as a small scoop that lets you dole out just the right amount when preparing food or touching up a meal.
  • Handcrafted Salt Container with Lid – Every Forest salt bowl is carefully handmade by real craftsman which means each one has its own unique woodgrain coloration, which means it not only adds a stylish touch to your space, but it’s also one of a kind.
  • All-Purpose Kitching and Dining Use – Our salt holder can also be used for all types of other common dried herbs and spices including peppercorn, black pepper, sea or pink Himalayan sea salts, or other freshly-ground options you love.
  • Keep One in the Bathroom – These bath salt container with bath salt scoop can also be used for storing aromatherapy bath salts, hiding jewelry, or simply adding a decorative touch to a living room shelf or your bedroom side table.
  • Premium Handmade Craftsmanship – As a family-owned and operated business, we focus on premier handmade craftsmanship, which is why each salt and pepper holder is beautifully unique in terms of color, pattern, texture, and even size for true exclusivity.
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