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How to Clean Wooden Spoons

Wooden Spoons for cooking

5 Min Reading Wooden spoons do have some downfalls. They are susceptible to breaking, burning, crusting, and staining. Most of the issues are reversible. Here are some methods showing how to clean wooden spoons. Wooden spoons have been used for years. There is a good reason the kitchen gadgets have survived the test of time. Wood has antibacterial […]

The Best Oils to Care for Your Wooden Cutting Board

oiling cutting board

5 Min Reading Wood cutting boards have been around for centuries. They are easy to clean, beautiful, and durable. The best woods for cutting boards are cherry, walnut, maple, acacia, and olive wood. Softwoods, such as bamboo, are prone to scarring and damage. What oil is best for wooden cutting boards? A wood cutting board may be the hardest […]

The Ultimate Guide to Olive Wood: History, Uses, Types, Benefits

Olea Capensis

8 Min Reading The olive wood from the Olea europaea tree is rich in color and hard wood prized worldwide for its fine texture, straight grain, density, and appearance. It was initially found on the Mediterranean east coast. Olive trees spread beyond Europe because the olive fruit demands little attention and upkeep during the growing season. They are currently farmed […]

Cleaning and Maintaining a Wood Cutting Board

olive wood cutting boards

6 Min Reading A wood cutting board is not only attractive but is easy on knives, lasts a long time, and, when properly cleaned, more sanitary than plastic cutting boards. You can’t have too many cutting boards in the kitchen. They are necessary for protecting the countertop and preparing vegetables, poultry, meat, and other foods. A quality cutting […]

Practical Reasons to Buy Olive Wood Cutting Boards than Plastic Boards

wooden cutting boards for kitchen

6 Min Reading Choosing the perfect cutting board can be tricky. Something that touches food has the potential to contaminate it and make people sick. Choosing a cutting board that stands the test of time can be challenging with a wide range of wood and plastic options. In this recommendation to choose olive wood cutting boards over plastic […]

Quick Tips for Maintenance of Olive Wood Products

Round Mortar Small

6 Min Reading Among the most sought-after kitchenware products on the market are those made of olive wood. It is not the only wooden material used in kitchenware, but people have specific reasons for choosing it over other wooden products. Types of kitchenware utensils include Bowls Olive cutting boards Chopsticks Cooking spoons Honey dippers Kitchen mortars Ladles Lemon […]

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